Amcrest, a renowned name in the security camera industry, faced challenges in enhancing its digital footprint and increasing organic visibility. With a vast array of products, from surveillance cameras to GPS trackers, Amcrest needed a robust strategy to improve its off-page SEO and, consequently, its overall online presence.


Despite having high-quality products, Amcrest’s digital presence was not reflecting its market stature. The primary challenges were:

Solution: Partnering with SERP Strategist

To address these challenges, Amcrest partnered with SERP Strategist, a digital marketing agency renowned for its expertise in SEO and link-building strategies.

Comprehensive Audit andStrategy Development

SERP Strategist initiated the process with a comprehensive audit of Amcrest’s current SEO and link-building status. The insights from the audit enabled the team to craft a bespoke link-building strategy aimed at enhancing Amcrest’s off-page SEO profile

Strategic Link Building

The cornerstone of the strategy was a focused link-building campaign. SERP Strategist identified high-authority, relevant domains for link placements to enhance Amcrest’s domain authority and relevance in the security industry.

Consistent Monitoring and Optimization

The progress was consistently monitored, with strategies being optimized based on performance metrics. This dynamic approach ensured that Amcrest’s link-building strategy remained effective and aligned with evolving SEO best practices


The collaboration between Amcrest and SERP Strategist yielded significant improvements: